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Alyte Incorporated

ALYTE INC is a multifaceted New york based holdings Company, formulated in 2007 in existence since 2000.

Alyte Consulting- Alyte Entertainment,

Alyte University - The Gold Room.

All of the Names logo's and likeness of these entities, are all the sole ownership and property of the Alyte Holdings Corporation.
"Let Your Network Be You Net Worth"


My name is “Pha’nom Samuel”,
my journey started 20 years ago 
in the Music Business, as an Artist, Producer, and Engineer. On this journey, I discovered my advice was something of value, which lead me towards forming a company where I could provide this service as a business.
Every successful consultation provided the face value needed to sustain the business. my consultation has a concentration in the areas of, Music Business, Business Strategy, Marketing, and Branding. 
Later, I developed a Management Sector where I manage clients that show great potential. Creating great relationships has become the backbone of my business. I’ve had fair success in this business. I have a great passion for this line of work. I love what I do, because it gives me the ability to help people obtain their goals.